Prototyping has now become a central key in innovation.

Step by step it leads ideas towards reality.


This event is made for any student who is willing to learn about what prototyping is and experiment how to do it. No experience is required to participate because we will cover the main concept through a learning by doing process. The sprint is not only useful if you want to work in innovation but also in your daily life: prototyping is a mindset that can be applied in all circumstances after all.


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Join the sprint and create a prototype of an app with experts from Europe.


During two full days you will learn how to create an app without any line of code. This challenge based prototyping sprint will allow you to learn new tools that will be useful in your future professional life: make your ideas come true. To do so you will work remotely within an international team, get insights from experts coming from all over Europe and be coached all the way until you present in front of a jury. Will you be part of the lucky winning teams? All participants will receive a certificate.



It will start on October, 9th at 18:30 (UTC+2). During this evening we will take some time to know each other and feel comfortable with the program and the teams. Let’s say we will slowly get started.

On Saturday, the 10th we will start at 9:30 (UTC+2) and you will be designing the screen of your app until lunch. We will give you insights and tools. After lunch, you will have the  afternoon to create interactions between the screens you have created during the morning. This will also be a time for you to learn about another tool to collect feedbacks. The day will end at 18:30 (UTC+2) and you will be able to share your prototype online at this stage.

On Sunday morning, starting at 9:30 (UTC+2) you will take time to gather all feedbacks, process it and prepare a presentation that you will present in front of a jury just before lunch. The jury will end at 12:30 (UTC+2). We will take few more minutes to give the prices and say good by, then we will be done by 13:00 so everyone can have lunch after that.


Tools you will use


As we don’t expect you to know the tools we are going to use we will take the time to become familiar with it. The only tool we believe you have used before is Google Slide. We hope this is the case in order to use Google Slide first and feel comfortable using a known environment for everyone. After that we will use Invision and Preely. Feel free to discover it in advance if you want to but don’t worry if you have never heard about it before.

General information


From 18:30 on October, 9th

Until 13:00 on October, 11th


Apply now and until October, 5th


All interested in learning more about first step of app and website creation


Online, make sure to have a good internet connection

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