Essam Sharaf

 Currently working at Karolinska Institutet he is focusing on master-level courses and innovation in healthcare. Digital health and product development in life sciences are his main interests now and previously Essam has worked in supporting and mentoring various startups in Europe as well as Middle East & North Africa.

Ridhi Agrawal

Currently doing a masters in Human computer Interaction at Uppsala University, Sweden. She did her undergrad in Computer Science. From India, she likes designing and bringing creativity to every solution. She thinks it is always fun to work in a team, solve challenging problems and explore new tools & technologies.

Alessandro Tomasi

Alumni of the EIT Digital Master School, he worked as a network automation engineer on projects related to Software Defined Networks and Internet of Things smart cities. A few years of office life later, he quitted his job to dedicate his time to entrepreneurship: he co-founded Kimitisik and took up a circular economy project: C-Box. Alessandro is an adventurous man, happy to cycle long distances, stroll around for hours, swim in frozen lakes, bungee jump, or take on tech projects in Cambodia.

Anders Lindström

With a master degree in economics he spent the last 2 years been working in a research project. He went through the Clinical innovation fellowship program and he is interested in how to bring medtech innovations forward. From now he has co-founded 3 companies, and been part of a few other start up projects. As a person he seeks discussion where no stones are left unturned and where no questions are stupid.


Raphael Koster

Raphael Koster, Sociology PhD, works as Project Leader in MADoPA, french Living Lab specializing in Health-based technologies and service offers evaluation.

Alvin O’Sullivan

Alvin is a designer/teacher at Uppsala University. He has worked commercially in marketing. He has a fine arts background, with an MFA from the Rhode Island school of design. He’s worked as a 2D, 3D, and technical production artist/director, as well as a professional litho/intaglio printer and archival papermaker. He will politely decline semla, the pastry. His relationship to the almond and almond paste is like Colonel Aureliano Buendía’s, a complicated one. Tyvärr, Alvin has no appreciable wit, but as a chipmunk… 🙂

Rui Li (Selah)

After her master with EIT Digital she have been helping startups to build digital products and services, incl. robotics, bio-tech, big data, VR and AR. Now she is running her own company called Ellure and, when a project needs her, she works as a UX designer consultant.

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