From October, 15th (18:30 CEST) to October, 17th (14:30 CEST)

Participants’ results

All participants worked in a team for the whole week-end. Each team have created a prototype on a specific challenge. This year the purpose was to address the first prototype of a mobile app to potential users that would like to find a specific important product missing on the market due to a future pandemic. Participants were told to focus on the product they wanted or to choose by default hand sanitizer. The event did not focus on brainstorming about the product but on creating the app in 2 full days so most of the prototypes have been made for hand sanitizer.

Team A


Pelle Forsmark


  • Maria Alejandra Medina Pinzon
  • Goutham Jayaraman
  • Hameed Bello

Team B


Moa Bruus


  • Najma Omar Mohamud
  • Viviana Rossi
  • Abiola Olajide


Elias Faltin

Coming soon

Alvin O’Sullivan

Alvin is a designer/teacher at Uppsala University. He has worked commercially in marketing. He has a fine arts background, with an MFA from the Rhode Island school of design. He’s worked as a 2D, 3D, and technical production artist/director, as well as a professional litho/intaglio printer and archival papermaker. He will politely decline semla, the pastry. His relationship to the almond and almond paste is like Colonel Aureliano Buendía’s, a complicated one. Tyvärr, Alvin has no appreciable wit, but as a chipmunk… 🙂

Rui Li (Selah)

After her master with EIT Digital she have been helping startups to build digital products and services, incl. robotics, bio-tech, big data, VR and AR. Now she is running her own company called Ellure and, when a project needs her, she works as a UX designer consultant.


Moa Bruus

Moa has a bachelor’s degree in Game Design and Graphics from Uppsala University. She has previously worked as a teaching assistant in that same programme. Currently, she is working freelance and part time with a game made for a research project about preparing children for cancer radiation treatment.
As a person Moa values kindness, humility and an open mind.

Pelle Forsmark

Has a bachelor’s degree in game design and project management and is currently doing a master’s in game design at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. Pelle is a former student of political science, history, philosophy, and also has a background in theatre as an actor and stage director. He is aiming for a career in or related to the games industry, and dreams of founding his own game studio in the future.


Uppsala University
Charlie Carpene Conseil
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